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literally a pinteresque soap opera

In classics long after, video on February 16, 2010 at 1:38 am

I hate bloggers’ excuses, and I hate bloggers’ apologies, and I am aware that the health of any blog can be scientifically determined by the ratio of those to actual content (there are blogs in the world which consist entirely of the two – and they are a miserable blight on all our patience). But!

I suddenly have a play in development, and no sooner did that flood my fluttering cortex than I additionally became non-dramatically ill. Bed, reading, really bad food, better. Now, I fully intend to keep my promises re: Jewish theatre so one or two posts on that should arrive this week, but in the meanwhile, I’d recommend keeping an eye to Theatre in Pieces, where small but intriguing things appear daily, plus – for all y’all delectation, a non-programmed item:

Yes, it’s Laurence Olivier’s adaption of Pinter’s ‘The Collection’ for British TV. Click through to YouTube for the other five parts. I have mixed feelings to be honest.

Oh, and – do you have any olives?