Presenting what will be an ongoing, ever-developing directory of links to theatre content on the web – from formal and informal media to venues, production companies, resources by type, and so on. It’s exhausting just to think about, but that’s why I’m doing it for you. Click through below for the various departments, and please mail me anything you’re mildly miffed I’ve missed (keep your torrential rage to yourself). Every link in each section comes complete with a short intro – because there is nothing as emptily Beckettian as clicking blindly on a list of hyperlinks (“Loading, he says”).

Some Drama Blogs, Introduced Twenty-nine blogs covering theatre from backstage or front of house – mostly from the UK and US – alphebetised, sorted by region and outlined in friendly prose.

Annotated UK Theatres — Coming March 2010 — Drama is not dependent on venues and often exists outside them, but to disparage those noble old buildings designed (or hijacked) for the purpose would be self-defeating, especially when the UK is fortunate enough to have a long history of sites inseparable from the work presented there. Explore classic auditoria, tiny DIY above-pub spaces and postmodern performance ziggurats fashioned from ionised glass and exposed steel – sorted by region.


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