kick on brecht

The posts below ran in Nov 2009 – Jan 2010. I began with a short biographical series on Brecht’s youth and early career – largely filleted from Ronald Hayman’s book, before splintering into more personal notes on (mostly) lesser known plays. These latter are essentially notes to self regarding basic points of interest, illustrated by quotes from the works themselves, and accompanied by reproductions of posters, stage shots and, sometimes, videos. It’s pretty likely I’ll return to writing about Brecht before too long, filling gaps in the coverage, plus going deeper into some of the plays/issues as and when.


1928 lines from the threepenny opera

1931 lines from st joan of the stockyards

1931 lines from the mother

1938 lines from fear and misery of the third reich

1940 lines from mr puntila and his man matti

1942 lines from the good person of setzuan

1943 lines from the visions of simone machard

1943 lines from schewyk in the second world war

1945 lines from the caucasian chalk circle

1949 lines from the days of the commune


youth of brecht

early brecht: berlin 1921-1924

early brecht: berlin 1924-1928

early brecht: berlin 1928-1933

other etc:

brecht on bbc amiable enough doc with focus on berliner ensemble

who owns the world? being mostly a link to ‘kuhle wampe’ online.


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