but who and why

This is a theatre workblog, created und maintained by kicking_k, previously most infamously a staff writer and section editor for Plan B Magazine + deejay-promoter of It Came from the Sea, Lo-Res and You Slay Me. Less well-known are the unperformed plays inc Mirror Modes (in development from Feb 2010), No Year No You, The Fatalists, Bodies on a Beach (currently being read by a few of my favourite theatres) + (seriously) many more.

The main aim is to share various researches into dramatists and dramatic issues – notes and quotes from plays and playwrights, extra from books, links to video, so on, so forth – and likewise fragments of own work and thoughts as I advance mercilessly toward becoming a functional playwright.

Studies of others will be categorised humourlessly into classics long after (writing on established writers/works), writers writing now (um…), but you can spy + click the names of playwrights covered so far in the tag cloud. I’m going to try to feature weekly posts dedicated to performance video compilation posts (under the recurring title some productions) and stories from theatreland (links to news, reviews, interviews, etc – as where now / life elsewhere). Finally, try the index to navigate via completed series of posts (each will come complete with introduction).

As Subjectiviste gathers mass, the best way to wring wonderment out of it may be via clicking tags in tag cloud (name of playwright, ‘portrait’ meaning bio, ‘performance’ meaning review or stage-level reportage, ‘quotables’ signifying studies illustrated by excerpts, ‘video’, ‘audio’ self-explanatory).

Let’s hope for at least three posts any given week and consider yourself welcome to comment so I don’t feel so home page alone. Questions answered, debates encouraged, extra material always welcome. Send private messages here. Go behind my scenes (on Twitter) here. A sister site – Theatre in Pieces – presents unconnected tangents and smaller fragments of research (dialogue, pictures, links) as well as seeding a quote from a play on Twitter every day. But for here and now: let’s do something or other.


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