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In life elsewhere on May 25, 2010 at 6:13 am


Thinking about how to shunt Subjectiviste forward, I’m adding performance video compilation posts (under the recurring title some productions) and stories from theatreland (links to news, reviews, interviews, etc – as where now). These will flank the ongoing core studies of plays and playwrights (expect Genet, Lorca, Churchill nextish), and I’m hoping I can mange one of each a week (hopelessly hopeful…)

Starting with economics, an American’s view of UK funding culture was slight, but triggered the kind of mutinous banquet that comment boxes can be at their best – my high point: “…the arguments have to be about what kind of civilised country we want to be.” (JHolloway)

In the real world, Brighton Festival entered it’s third or terminal week and, as one of the judges of the best new play in fest award I saw many, many pieces that I cannot talk about. But I am going to glance toward The Arts Desk’s article on I Am a Warehouse because I got to spend an evening exploring Newhaven Fort which was more fun than blogging by a factor of how-long-have-you-got?

Love or hate him, it’s time to say goodbye (or, um, get out, I guess) to The Times’ Benedict Nightingale, who wrote a quite-sweet-actually last column looking over his career (meanwhile, The Stage surveyed the position of the critic in 2010).

George Hunka angled David Mamet’s new book, Theatre, as a prism to scout the old master’s recent right turn and how that might tie to the wider mindset of American theatre circa now.

Finally, I wish I could have gone along to the ICA’s Futures and Pasts symposium, which hosted, and probably prodded at, possibly tickled, some of the wildest minds in live art. Read (or hear) Chris Goode’s thirty one-minute lectures for an idea (well, thirty ideas). Finally plus one: in a similar vein, why not mainline primary evidence from Forest Fringe’s Mayfest Microfest page? Energising times.

  1. ‘nest new play in fest award’

    I really don’t want that to be a typo.

  2. Sorry, but I have slain the typo with my lance of correction.

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