a firebreak

In system links, work of others on February 10, 2010 at 11:59 am


A momentary break from the stage to share a few pages – over the tail-end of last week, I wandered weightlessly across the face of the web looking for other drama blogs of proven quality. Glad to report that, although theatre online can be swallowed by niches, I found 29 (mostly UK-based) sites that I recommend you get acquainted with over at a dedicated page I built for them (there’s an intro for each so you know where you’re clicking). Expect more safaris and resources behind that ‘Elsewhere’ tab over time.

In other news and as of yesterday, Subjectiviste now has a sister site, in the shape of Theatre in Pieces – a tumblr blog designed to store/share all the unconnected tangents and shorter fragments I dig up in the course of my general research. Even nerdier, there’s a linked twitter account which will tweet one quote from a play per day.

Next here: a four (or more, who knows) series on Jewish theatre including run-throughs of ‘The Dybukk’ and ‘The Golem’. Foreboding? We got it.


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